Navigating the change offline to online education

What is GrowON

growOn is expanding online app that connects students, teachers, principals, school management, and parents through an education growOn network at schools and colleges. This online app allows for user connection as a mediator to learn and grow by assigning and sharing assignments, tasks, tests, posting their work, learning courses, and an education network (including Intra and inter-schools).


For every activity students and teachers are appreciated and given points, coins & especially unique badges for their achievements.


It’s a gamified app that is an all-rounder with making Learning Fun, Measuring, and Meaningful.

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Why growOn

Navigating the change offline to online education

Our New Release


India’s poor performance in Pisa test by OECD in which our country got last 72nd rank out 74 countries. gowOn’s mission is to bridge the gap between the potential & performance of our country so that we can reach to top of the world in terms of our education standards

  • Poor academic performance of the students
  • Every year similar academic challenges
  • No exit knowledge checklist of for students was prepared as a result the backlogs burden was increasing every year for a student
  • No consistent follow-up on the plans that were implemented
  • Retention rate of faculty
  • Poor recruitment strategies
  • For principal to monitor the work of the teacher, who’s doing how much( time and effort spent ) is a difficult task
  • Monitoring the teaching and learning process has become big challenge
  • Teachers training and growth
  • Lack of subject knowledge
  • Lack of teaching skills
  • Poor pedagogical knowledge
  • Lesson planning and designing for online the activities by a teacher
  • Assessment tools
  • Teaching and learning process has been shifted to online
  • Teachers are not prepared with knowledge and skills to go online
  • Monitoring the teaching and learning process has become big challenge
  • Self-development-understanding the areas, development plan and tracker for progress
  • Student centric planning and teaching
  • Focused follow up
  • How to maintain the interest of the student
  • How to maintain the regularity of the students
  • The reason for the student to study online
  • Rewards and appreciation strategies
  • Showing the growth of the students
  • Milestone’s to achieve (like a path number of levels to clear like in game)
  • Giving a chance to win


growOn is a MultiApp system where the teachers, Student, Parents, Principals are all connected


growOn focuses on tasks that the users need to perform in school using the app. growOn with an aim to make school tasks more interesting and fun with Likes and Rewards


All Work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. growOn provides its students with an opportunity to be creative by posting innovations that can be appreciated by others and rewarded with Coins and Badges

Reports and Analytics

Data without intelligence is unuseful. growOn converts every data point that can be used to improve the child's Future.

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