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Give your students the best that education has to offer.

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About GrowOn

GrowOn is an online app that connects students, teachers, principals, school management, and parents through a GrowOnNetwork at schools and colleges. This Online App allows for seamless communication and collaboration to facilitate assignment sharing, task submission, individualized and standardized assessments and doubt clarification. GrowOn makes learning fun, measurable, and meaningful!

Give your students the best that education has to offer.

We're determined to ensure everyone learns innovative problem-solving, as well as compassionate thinking.

  • GrowOn promotes creativity by providing a platform where students can share their innovations with their schoolmates. 
  • GrowOn uses the data points gathered for skills and competency mapping for identifying the strengths and challenges of students. 
  • GrowOn is a gamified app that makes learning Fun, Measurable and Meaningful. 

Why Register

  • GrowOn is a MultiApp system where the teachers, students, parents, principals are all connected. 
  • GrowOn promotes blended learning. Tasks that complement classroom and school activities can be performed by students at any time, any place. 
  • GrowOn promotes efforts not just the results. Students get likes, badges, points, and rewards for their perseverance as well as performance.